When a Girl Calls You Boo: What Exactly Does She Mean? (2024)

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1What does it mean when a girl calls you “boo?”

2Responding in a Relationship

3Replying to a Crush

4Responding to a Friend

5Replying to a Stranger

6Responding if They Came Off Rude

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Co-authored byJohn Keeganand Savannah Vold

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So a girl called you “boo,” and you’re not quite sure what she meant or how to respond? Not to worry, in this article, we’ll give you some much-needed information about the term “boo” and provide plenty of examples to help you understand the word in context and how best to respond the next time you hear it again. Whether you were called “boo” by your romantic partner, crush, friend, or maybe even a stranger, we’ll get you ready to assess your situation with confidence and ease!

  1. 1

    She’s being loving. The term “boo” is often used interchangeably with words like “babe,” “baby,” “boyfriend,” “girlfriend,” or “partner,” and originates from the French word “beau,” meaning sweetheart or lover. If your partner calls you “boo,” she is likely expressing her affection for you in a romantic way.[1]

    • “You’re looking hot today, boo!”
    • “I’ve got the best boo in the world!”
  2. 2

    She’s being flirty. If a girl calls you “boo” and you have a hunch she likes you, she might be trying to get out of the friend zone. Pay attention to her body language if she calls you “boo” in person. Is she making eye contact or moving her hair? If so, she might just be trying to tell you she’s attracted to you![2]

    • “Missed you in class today, boo.”
    • “Love your shirt, boo. That color really suits you.”


  3. 3

    She’s being friendly. “Boo” is often exchanged between friends as a casual term of endearment, just like “babe.” If you’ve been friends for a while or even just met, this girl is probably showing you that she likes you as a person and isn’t a threat.

    • “Hey boo, hope you’re feeling better!”
    • “Omg, boo, you should have been there. We all saw the best movie yesterday.”
  4. 4

    She’s being sassy. Determining how the word “boo” has been said is all about understanding the person’s tone. If it’s over text, what was the message about? Is she expressing dislike for something? If she called you “boo” in person, what was the tone of the conversation? If she was frowning and showed signs of closed-off body language, such as having her arms crossed, she might not be using “boo” in a positive way.[3]

    • “I didn’t appreciate your attitude last night, boo.”
    • “I didn’t ask for your opinion, boo.”
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Responding in a Relationship

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  1. Say it back. “Boo” is a playful term of endearment and can imply that your partner is open to some affection. If you think “boo” is a cute nickname, say it back, but if you’re not into it and would prefer another pet name, don’t be afraid to let them know. Communication is key to maintaining a healthy relationship.[4]

    • “Aw, how’d I get so lucky, boo.”
    • “I love when you call me that. How bout we take this to the bedroom?”
    • “You’re such a sweetheart. I think babe suits me better, though.”

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Replying to a Crush

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  1. Ask her to repeat herself. If a girl calls you “boo” and you think she’s into you, have some fun and call her on it. If the feelings are mutual, you might be moving out of the friend zone and into the romantic zone, but if the feelings are one-sided and “boo” makes you uncomfortable, it’s ok to politely let her know.[5]

    • “Did I hear that right? Don’t boost my ego too much!”
    • “It’s almost like you like me or something!”
    • “Can we stick with (your name)? I don’t really like it when my friends give me nicknames.”
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Section 4 of 6:

Responding to a Friend

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  1. Choose a fun nickname. Calling your friends “boo” is a great way to solidify your relationship further. Just like “bestie,” “boo” can be used for your close friends. If you don’t like the term “boo” or think it should be reserved for your romantic partner, nicely suggest another name to be called instead.[6]

    • “Thanks, bestie. I wish I could have made it last night!”
    • “I’m so glad we’re friends.”
    • “How ’bout “dear friend” instead? I think I like that better.”

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Replying to a Stranger

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  1. Do what’s best for you. People you’ve never met before might call you “boo.” Try not to be too weirded out, as “boo” can be used in a social context just as much as it is romantically. Respond in a way that makes you most comfortable- call them “boo” back, laugh it off, or tell them “boo” isn’t your thing. Either way, this could be an opportunity to make a new friend.[7]

    • “Hey boo, so nice to meet you!”
    • “Haha, hi! What’s your name?”
    • “Let’s stick with (your name). Boo is kind of intense for me right off the bat.”
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Responding if They Came Off Rude

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  1. Apologize or ask them to explain. If a girl calls you “boo” and you think you’re in the wrong, you might as well be the bigger person and apologize. Hey, mistakes happen! On the other hand, if you don’t think you deserved the snarky comment, keep it simple and let them know.[8]

    • “My bad. I won’t do that again.”
    • “Sorry I hurt your feelings. That wasn’t my intention.”
    • “I don’t deserve to be treated with an attitude. Let’s talk about this once we’ve settled down.”

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